Calling the emergency services in an emergency is not always possible
Drowning with a wet phone or kidnapped or even too much adrenaline. The reasons are endless.
The solution is a genius new system already used internationally and now in SA
The personal alarm. A wristband with built in alarm that sends your GPS location to emergency services
Their response time get recorded and listed making sure they get to you fast
The best part is the price. Get your bracelet now for just R129.99

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write some more shit here about the price and after the 80% introductuin .ary discount they have to only pay R129.99 for the bracelet. Only valid for this month

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cops don't come even if you wete able to call them which often you are not. With 911 you get to track their response time and post it on a website or something to make sure they are fast and also the controller will keep calling all the numbers again and again untill you are ok. We also have deals with private security companies to protect you even if you are not a member with them

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